Hythe Hospital Fete

Hythe Ukulele Group‘s next gig will be at the Hythe Hospital Fete on 13 June 2015.  We’ll be outside so fingers crossed for good weather.  We start playing at about 3.00 pm – PA required.  Parking will be difficult!

The set list is in the password protected Members area

Thanks from Heather

“I think you are aware that I am also a member of the committee for the Hythe Dementia Friendly Group which gave me another reason for wanting the morning to be successful. I would just like to give thanks to Sally Woods and the team who all worked so hard over a period of many weeks preparing for Saturday. There is a huge amount of background preparation to have an event like that. Talking to shopkeepers, committee meetings, obtaining permission for stalls, organising the reminiscence items for the display in the Library and many more hours of communicating with other organisations. Well done Sally….a very good result.

Back to Hug, once again I have been having lots of feedback from local people. Neighbours, friends, shop workers, Hythe Lions and others. As I live within a ten minute walk of Hythe centre, I am well known by local people and it is so nice when I am approached from village people or shopkeepers speaking with such uplift in their voices with nothing but praise of our group, HUG, and the good sound we produce!! Makes me proud to be a member.

Many thanks again to Kaj, Ray and Sally


Waitrose gig raises £150

HUG played two session in Hythe on Saturday 23 May 2015 at an event to mark the launch of Hythe as a “dementia friendly High Street”.

The Hythe and Waterside Dementia Friendly Group has offered thanks all HUG members who came and played outside Waitrose that afternoon. “It was a brilliant performance, great playing, great singing, great audience, great dancing(??). It was a very successful day with the majority of the local shops now credited as Dementia Friendly areas.”

Street donations at the event raised about £150 …. well done all and especially huge thank you to Heather B for leading us. Job WELL done!

Coach trip

For those going on the coach trip to Poole, a balance of £9 is needed on at the next practice session on 21 May, also your menu choices for the evening meal – menus available for those who haven’t seen one yet.

West Cliff gig – 9 May

Those of you coming to tomorrows Gig at West Cliff Hall Care Home, West Street, Hythe, S045 6AA, I thought you might like to know that they are having V.E Day Celebrations and activities all day with other entertainers as well. Staff are decorating the place with a Red, White and Blue Theme with flags and bunting etc. (or that is the plan so I hope it happens). I was thinking that perhaps with this in mind some of you might like to dress in that Red/White/Blue theme also, in whichever way your inventive minds direct you, maybe hats, or other accessories with R/W/B colours. Only a suggestion from me, and I am not trying to override our leaders. Those who would rather not then our H.U.G shirts are blue so those will be great also.

When you enter the building, please sign the visitor book, just so they can keep check on numbers in the building. Pass through the reception area, turn left, continue down a long corridor to the far end where there is a large ‘Day Room’ which is where we will be performing. You may hear singers as you approach the room for they are performing before us. We start playing at 3:30pm. Thank you

Change of venue

Don’t forget that the 7 May practice session will be at the Exbury Club as the Community Centre will be in use as a Polling Station.