Two songs to try

A couple of new songs have been suggested, available on Dropbox. Both should be well known to you. We are going to try a slightly harder version of the “Keep on the sunny side of life”: this version is from the film “Oh brother where art you”, have a go playing along with the film music on Youtube:

The second “Hello Mary Loo” also got a couple of newish chords, which might need your attention.

Song updates

Please check Dropbox for updated versions of the following:

  • Run for your life
  • Save the last dance for me
  • St Louis blues
  • Pedal your blues away (in C)

Badgers Holt

Thank you to the Huggers who could make it to the Badgers Holt gig, which went really well.  We were treated to a lovely lunch and drinks and went away with a £200 cheque for charity as well.