Donation to Age Concern (Hythe)

Hythe Ukulele Group is delighted to be able to announce that it will shortly be presenting a cheque for £1000 to Age Concern ( Hythe), the funds to be spent locally.  There will be a brief presentation ceremony (date to be confirmed), possibly outside the Age Concern shop in Dibden Purlieu – HUG & AC volunteers wanted for photo opportunity.

Age Concern Aims:
>To help all older people living in the New Forest.
>To encourage suitable activities for the many fit and active older people in the area.
>To provide and encourage social contacts and friendship for all older people.
>To help plan the services older people want and need.
>To ensure that the local Council and Health Authority know what older people require.
>To involve older people in supporting local projects.

HUG would like to thank all its members and supporters who have made it possible for us to support local charities in this way.

HUG’s two nominated Charities to be supported in 2016/2017 will be decided at the forthcoming AGM in March – suggestions for local charities please.

Changes to song arrangements

Some small changes to our songs from the last practice session evening: most corrections can easily be done with a pencil thus saving some trees:

Bad Moon Rising: remove old intro and write 4 G’s.

I feel fine: remove ‘repeat’ from last line of last verse.

Lady Madonna: at the end of the last line…..write ” repeat last 2 lines  finish single A strum

Sail away Ladies: we will try this in the key of A next time.

Play list for 21 January

The play list for 21 January will be a continuation of that for 7 January with the addition of a couple of new songs  “Lady Madonna”  and “Sail Away Ladies” – please print and bring with you..

If you play along with “Lady Madonna” on Youtube (check the beat!) you will notice a small change to the finish of the song, to be tested…..

Practice Session 7 January 2016

We will have a couple of visitors on the 7 January from Families-Matter, you might remember the Charity that received our donation of £1000 on behalf of the local Dementia group. We are planning to re-take a couple of photos of the handover of the cheque and, if you wish, can ask questions regarding funding of the Charity.

The song list is too long for just one evening, Kaj went through our songs to include fairly ‘new’ songs that he hopes we will add to our repertoire: some will need our attention more than others, and some are already being successfully mixed with our old standards.

Far From Home is the hardest new one to play, if you have the time look it up on YouTube – just click the title, it should take you there.  Old Joe Clark, also on YouTube, but forget the banjo bit,  just concentrate on the melody. Very easy….as is Bad Moon Rising.

If you like, we can do a 10 min strumming session first…? We will do that to I’ll Fly Away.  dd udud