Extra Session

March has five Thursdays, so an extra practice session on 31 March 2016 has been booked at the Community Centre.   The set list can be downloaded here.  Note there are some slots for solo performances.

Have a look in “Links”

Recently, Dave Ellis got in touch with me to tell me about his website “Ukulele Go“, which is a great resource for beginners with various lessons, ideas, songs, articles, reviews, etc.  You may not have visited the “Links” page recently, but as I come across ukulele resources on the internet that I think may help you get more out of your uke, I add them to the page – for instance, there’s a great chord finder on a Dutch site or ukulele lessons from Justin’s Guitars.  If you come across sites that you think will be useful to other Huggers, or other ukulele players, please let me know so that I can post a link … and do drop into the Links page from time to time to see what’s new.

Message from Webmaster

Practice at the Parish Hall

Don’t forget, HUG is relocating to the the Parish Hall for our practice session on 17 March 2016, as agreed at the AGM. This is a trial only and we will decide if we want to have our practice here in the future.

The playlist for 17 March is available HERE.