Brexit impacts ukulele players

The impact of Brexit on the pound/euro exchange rate has increased the costs of Southern Ukulele Stores‘ purchases from EU countries by 15%.  While they are trying to keep their prices down and not pass the full price hike on to customers, they have had to withdraw the discount that they had been offering to local ukulele clubs. So sorry, no 10% off anymore for Hythe Ukulele Club members.

Ukuleles for sale

There are two virtually unused ukuleles for sale locally.  They are a Vintage Tenor at £35 and a Rock Music Soprano at £15.  If you are interested in buying/viewing either of these, please reply via the Contact Us form to get contact details of seller.

Gig cancelled – 30 July

The gig at the 17th Port Marine Army Base at Marchwood on 30 July 2016 has been cancelled.  HUG is still playing at the Out of Town Centre at Beaulieu on that day.

Practice 7 July 2016

The songs for our practice session on 7 July 2016 will be largely drawn from the 10 July 2016 set list.  However, we will also have a go at four Buddy Holly songs which are now available on Dropbox (but not part of the generic list) and we would also like to run through the following:
Creeque Alley
The night before
Take it easy
Far from home
Save the last dance…
St. Louis blues

Thanks to those who came to Exbury last week and helped to make it a fun session.