Songs for next few gigs

The songs for gigs in the remainder of 2016 will be drawn from the list of songs, including Christmas songs, listed HERE.  We suggest that if you are playing the gigs at the Mistletoe Festival Beaulieu Victorian Fayre, etc.,  you create of new folder of this song set; alphabetic order recommended.  Then it should be quick and easy to find the songs decided by the gig leader on the day.

HUG at Raft Race video

HUG Members can view a very small version of the video kindly recorded by a spectator at the 2016 Waterside Raft Race by clicking HERE.  Apologies for the reduction to postage stamp size, but this was the only way to post the whole video within the 64MB media upload limit for this site.

Please note this is only viewable by HUG members.

Two gigs on 26 November?

On Saturday 26 November 2016, we are playing at the Hythe Mistletoe Fayre at 1.00 pm.  On the same day, we have been invited to play at the Beaulieu Victorian Evening (5.00 pm  to  8.00 pm). This would be an outdoor gig (in a marquee) and given a prime spot in front of the Montagu Arms pub forecourt. No firm details at this stage but probably start playing at perhaps 6.00 pm. I have agreed to give the organiser an answer on Friday morning so we will need to discuss whether we can take on a second gig at HUG practice on Thursday evening.  Could everyone please make their own decision whether they can play so that we can make a quick decision. This would be a new venue for HUG. Apparently around 8000 visitors go to this evening so it would be a great opportunity to be seen and heard. We would be given car parking reservations.