Gig list updates

Please note that the gig on 18 May 2017 has been cancelled, there are two new gigs in May and the date of the Hythe Mistletoe Fayre has changed.  Please update your diaries accordingly.

Gig List 2017 updated

The list of events being attended by attended by Hythe Ukulele Group (HUG) in 2017 has been updated, click Gigs on the menu bar to view, or click HERE.

HUG is an amateur ukulele band that plays at charitable functions or for a donation to the group’s charity of the year.  If you would like to book HUG to play at your event, you can make a request by completing the form at Contact Us on the menu bar, or by clicking HERE.

Information updates

The generic song list for 2017 is now available for download and the list of confirmed gigs has been updated.   Please note this will change rapidly as requests for performances are coming in thick and fast.  If you would like HUG to perform at your charity event or for a donation to our charity of the year, please use the Contact Us form to make an initial request.

HUG at Raft Race video

HUG Members can view a very small version of the video kindly recorded by a spectator at the 2016 Waterside Raft Race by clicking HERE.  Apologies for the reduction to postage stamp size, but this was the only way to post the whole video within the 64MB media upload limit for this site.

Please note this is only viewable by HUG members.