HUG Practice – 21 December 2017

Hythe and Dibden Community Centre closes for its Xmas break on Wednesday,
20 December, so will NOT be available for our next practice session.  Fear nor, we have an alternative venue.  The Exbury Club is happy for us to use their function room.  Meet at the usual time, 7.30 pm – mince pies and chocolate will be provided!  Drinks and coffee can be purchased from the bar.

Also as a first, this evening is open to any stringed acoustic instrument (incl. bowed) you fancy playing, ie mandolins, banjo, guitar, balalaika, zither, fiddle etc.  So, no thank you to washboards, glockenspiels, trumpets, tubas, accordions etc please.

 No solo performances please, we will all play together. 


Fifth Thursday in November

30 November will be the fifth Thursday in the month so no HUG and no Harry’s session.  However, you do not have to miss the whole week without playing the ukulele.  The Exbury Club are, as usual, happy for us to use the function room where we can play some HUG songs, some of Harry’s tunes and do some solos or small group songs as well.  usual time, 7.30 pm to 9.30 or we can go on a bit longer for those who have the stamina.

Fifth Thursday

Well, we have yet another month with five Thursdays, so if you are suffering from ukulele deprivation this week with no official HUG session, join us at the Exbury Club for a ukulele free-for-all – some HUG songs, some of Harry’s songs, some solos – you choose!  Start at 7.30 pm as usual and go on until you get tired or they throw us out at 11.00 pm.  There is a £1 fee for non-members of Exbury Club, no subscription required.

Five Thursdays in June

HUG meets on the first and third Thursday at Hythe Community Centre. Harry’s group meets on the second and fourth Thursday at the Exbury Club.  BUT, June has five Thursdays – what are you going to do to maintain your ukulele fix on the fifth Thursday?

Fear not, help is at hand!  Exbury Club have said we can meet there for a ukulele fun night.  We will play some HUG songs, sing some of  Harry’s songs, do some solos, drink some beer, have a chat, get some uke coaching, drink some more beer, whatever!!!  Why not bring your banjo, mandolin or guitar?

Start time 7.30 at Exbury Club on Thursday 29 June 2017, in the function room behind the bar – cost £1 if you are not a member of the Exbury Club.

Practice – change of venue

Hythe Community Centre is being used as a polling station for the local elections on 4 May 2017 so our usual practice room in not available.  But fear not, the conference room at Exbury Club has been booked from 19.00 to 22.00 and HUG practice can carry on as usual.

 Please bring Generic List and include Koke’e hope you have now learned the Hawaiian!

The last part of ‘Get It on’  has been deleted, please reprint or cross out on your music sheet.