Request from Bill Smith

“Dear HUG,

I expect you are as dismayed as I am with the sad news of the passing of Barry.

You may not know this but Ken Peckham and I have been playing with Barry as a trio for many years and one  of his favourite songs is the Joe Brown version of “I’ll see you in my dreams”

Joan rang me recently with the list of HUG songs she would like played at his service.

I suggested that “I’ll see you in my dreams” would be an appropriate song to play and she suggested I sing it solo.

As I don’t sing very loud and would possibly choke up I immediately thought of asking if anyone else would be interested in performing it with me.

Preferably without music.

I intend holding rehearsals specifically for this song at my house at Ashurst next week should anyone like to join me in rehearsing this Joe Brown arrangement.

Best time for me would be 10am to 12 noon any morning.

I am looking for a Bass player and no more than six Uke players in order to keep it manageable.

It is a lovely song but needs to be played and sang sensitively with HUG singing the chorus (sang twice)

If anyone is interested please let me know.

Bill Smith.”

If you are able to support Bill, Please contact him through using the Contact Us form and I will pass your response on to him.

3 thoughts on “Request from Bill Smith

  1. Hi. Bill
    I would be happy and honoured to sing with you and others. I am available Monday or Tuesday morning for a rehearsal.
    Kind regards. Marion

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